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About me and my website the online day

Hello, Bahadur here from the online day, I live in Kathmandu Nepal. I work as a journalists writer. I work for a news channel. this news channel is mostly related to national and international news, and I also belong to the info news beat. I have work in for eight hours daily and it has its own fun to work there all the other staffs are also very helpful and very kind toward the next individual. before that, I had worked as a marketing officer at a shopping point for a cosmetic and sports product. it was totally different about my qualification but now, I found different social work idea because I found a feel of utilization of time.

There I got a chance to deal with a lot of people with different natures. it helped me in developing my own communication skill. now as I work as a journalist it is fun, it is what love to do and what I had dreamed about. I belong to political beat so I mostly collect information about what is happenings in national politics. till date today I have made a lot of news report among them news report about Pure drinking water, student textbook publication, etc.. politics in my nation is very unstable and the governments keep on changing its decisions which helps us to make more news. I think working as a reporter is an interesting work because through this work we can keep us updated and informed every time our selves.

Making a long journey on foot or vehicles for a few days or weeks in the Mountains for enjoyment and interest is reporting about nature along with that we can also update a whole mass which is a very fortunate work to do. so where the fun is found while working that work is no more official work but it is a mind fresh work and relaxing one. while working as a journalist I got a chance to meet a lot of high profile people . and I can also create my own profile. through this work, I can develop my personality. so every work has its own fun part and its own necessity.

Our Online day team has been as one of Best the fast-growing information website. Our Onlineday has Worked for the following characteristics an enthusiasm for reporting and sharing News, Sports and Information so we are trying to help people. Our first trip by air was from Kathmandu to Doha. it was my first reporting trip as well as my first airplane trip.

We still so workers in the streets demonstrating against the concerned habit for their wrong decisions. Here is the best time for Travel is early morning or late afternoon when the winds are light. On the other hand, it is pleasant to sit in a park watching different flowers. The flower and sky have become a synonymous word for a beloved or a lover. We can understand body language as easily as spoken words. 

I am here to share our feeling with you, First of all, I'd like to thank the Organizing Committee for giving chance to talk about information. When we share our information they talk about us so we would like to say thank you for promoting our community. Thank you for visiting our website.

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