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Travelling and River Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is not only famous for the legendary Himalayas, but also for the rivers that come from these snow-capped mountains. Kayaking and kayaking across the great Himalayas are one of Nepal's many sentiments for adventure seekers. In the past, many of our customers had a route for trips with two or three days of designer rowing. Nepal is one of the best destinations in the world for rides in whitewater. Trishuli and Bhotekoshi are the best to combine others. Whitewater rafting and kayaking are outdoor activities of adventure sports and thrill in Nepal. If you have a short time to visit Nepal and want to live adventure during your short stay in Nepal, kayaking and canoeing is a good idea for you.
Travelling and River Rafting in Nepal

Travelling and River Rafting in Nepal

In Nepal, many rivers, large and small, offer the same excitement for river navigation. Different slopes of each river, allowing fans and experts to choose the type of adventure they want. An experienced and professional guide will provide education and idea before and must be in good physical condition and good for this kind of adventure activities. Many of our customers have participated in this program after completing the walk to get an adventure experience in outdoor activities in Nepal. Nepal's rivers come from the Himalayas, where the melting of glaciers feeds water still flowing. Snow-fed lakes lead to other rivers, some to the Tibetan plateau. They flow from the forests, the alpine meadows and the deepest valleys of the world to reach the plains where they merge with the Ganges in India. 

The essence of  a trip around the Himalayas of Nepal: 

Take the opportunity to travel through a secluded river that only a few people see every year. This trip offers a great combination of wild camping, Himalayan trekking and the opportunity to embark on an exploratory journey in the calm waters of Nepal's magnificent and secluded Kali Gandaki River. Crossing three separate countries, Tibet, Nepal, and India, the Kali Gandaki River runs 391 miles and is older than the Himalayas. Travelling and River Rafting in Nepal  There are no roads on the banks of the river, making this trip an example of isolation. Start the adventure with staying in Kathmandu before continuing on to Pokhara to start the second phase of your journey, then to Kalian Gandaki. This gives a good idea of Nepalese people and culture as well as good acclimatization in the area before they take their adventure off the river. 

With an epic backdrop of lakes that reflect the Himalayan power at a distance, Pokhara is the perfect place to start your hike. The next four days will take you on an amazing tour through this area before you hit the water. Walking covers some of the finest views of the Himalayas, including peaks such as Dhaulagiri (8,167 m). During your stay, you will stay in traditional tea houses and cross the beautiful river valley of Modi, with green valley walls and waterfalls with deep pools. At the end of the march, you will start preparing for the next phase of the desert adventure. Get backlinks from Ramadi In the next five days, you'll be moving downhill on some of the most beautiful rivers on Earth. At night, you will sit on the banks of the river. 

Shipping guides are available to teach and develop your skills during the rowing trip and make sure you are fully prepared to negotiate high slopes that exhaust you and inspire you. These days will make you fully connected to your surroundings, and you can expect to see no other living being in this beautiful, isolated area. On the eleventh day, the river leaves and heads to Chitwan National Park - 932 square kilometers of plants and the richest in the region, in addition to being one of the oldest national wildlife parks in Nepal. 

The trip will give you: 

An opportunity to embark on an adventure along one of the deadliest rivers in Nepal, offering a world-class water collection, stunning landscapes and an incredible wildlife life rarely known in the world. Travelling and River Rafting in Nepal.  Memories of camping under the starry sky on the shores of White River, inside Nepal. 

An opportunity to blend yourself into the Nepalese culture and stroll through the scenic scenery surrounding Pokhara. Picnic gives you the opportunity to enjoy a suggestive scene offering one of the finest views. 

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