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Description about my travel experience in Dubai.

Wonderful About My Travel Experience In Dubai. March 16 is Absolutely Stunning.

My Dubai trip march 16
My Dubai trip and travel experience in Dubai.
The tourist effects of Dubai without guidance. The city has welcomed more than 8 million vacationers during the semester, an increase of 10.6 percent in the comparable period in 2016. For all those who need to visit in the months, you have some of the things you have collected from different walks that you should really know.

There is life outside the large structure

Dubai has a rich history and the United States. U.U. culture is interesting in the case of scratched under all that gold. We did not expect it, right? Head to the markets lined up in Dubai Stream, the heart of the city, where traders come from all over the Middle East to win over your purposes. Here you can bargain on the turquoise jewels of Iran, the silver space of Oman and the dates of Saudi Arabia. There is an impressive market in gold, worth watching, and only cares if you do not buy.

The food is great and fresh

One of the benefits of having such a huge mass of expatriates is filling the dining options: Dubai has a stimulating life scene
In the same way, they are not delinquent agents, no matter how many. In Thorn Dubai, you can eat Iranian, Filipino, Yemeni, Bengali, Indian, Pakistani and even Afghan food. Sustenance Stove Endeavors offers gourmet tasting tours.

You do not need to waste time with Burkina Faso

One of the two rooms will take care of the business. While the United States is a Muslim country, it is not as conservative as you may think. Dress as you do in Europe: Shorts and skirts are good. There is also no compelling reason to cover your hair.

Taxis are shameful

The subway is more affordable, however, most stations in areas are dangerously sensitive. Take a taxi instead and tilt it. Land coordinators note: palm is not the right way for the island. the movement! If you are in a sneeze, it will take you half an hour to reach Dubai Marina or the city center, also dubbed Dubai Fun.

There are beverage bar and nightclub

In addition, it overflows. The beverage is limited to restaurants, bars, and discos, which may seem strange, but in reality, this is not the case. From bars with stunning music without recording to the stunning champagne bars, there is a waterhole for every occasion. Get closer to your companion for the suggestion or vision of Time Out Dubai.

When taking a taxi or walking home, be sure not to crush them. This is really despised and may incite police mediation. Keep the separation. Avoid kissing outdoors, as this will also attract unwanted ideas. This moves the club, hotels, and back of taxi and coast. We have all heard stories of couples who were caught "to catch a young woman" without trying to hide places. A necessary external kiss can put you in a terrible situation.

Summer temperature, can not afford. When you are at 55 ° C in the shade, you have a 60-second window until you reach the mess of ink. Visit between November and walk for a less sweaty experience. The suites in Dubai are raw, the most ideal situation, and are not even in a negative position. Keep your eyes on the ground or take a taxi like people close to you, and keep your heart.

In fact, even more, spa enthusiasts will find a comment on your home, and for those who are not used to spas, there will be nothing good after Dubai.

Avoid the big offices you find in shopping malls (despite the way you end up with a fine, moving to luxury hotels instead, they are expensive but protected, despite all the obstacles). Downtown Dubai is particularly good, and (especially in the summer) there are refunds as frequent as possible.

Shopping malls are an exceptional pleasure

The whole community, which smelled of luxury in Dubai's shopping malls, has been neglected. In fact, no "mixing", it is an extraordinary transformation. Aquariums, sloping skis, snow fields, movies ... It's certainly not hard to lose a day in one of these glamorous shelters for private companies. Dubai Strip Mall is the most epic, with a complete "district" (neighborhood!) Was dissolved on the shoes.

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