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The atmosphere of the world is getting hot and changing nowadays so we have to be careful about our new generation.

Our green earth for our new generation.

We have to shave our green earth. 

The atmosphere and air change, for the most part, called the serious air gap, provides elevation to typical surface temperatures of the world. Climatology, these basic sciences similarly linked to plants in addition to animal life, are complemented by a core of a number of vast fields, including agribusiness, air transport, prescription, common sciences, zoology, geography, and geology as well. Changes in the atmosphere, for example, affect the presence of plants and creatures from a particular area. Climatology and natural science, to ensure its relevance to plants as well as animal life, will be crucial in many areas, including development, flight, arrangement, brand science, zoology, terrain, and geology. For example, the state of progress affects the proximity of plants and animals to an appropriate area. Changes in the atmosphere and ocean when uncertainty occurs Over time, there is a contradiction with the air where storms can change shape and break down on a given day. 

The relationship between these seas and climate more reliably is a year of time, and this development in the pipeline will have an opportunity to increase water in the sea, including the mixture at the watery and shallow base. As a result, illustrations may last for a long time, several years or more. In this way, with little attention given to whether the release of ozone-depleting substances is balanced tomorrow, it will take years for decades for the sea to adapt to the development of the Earth and the atmosphere that has already occurred. Goals are saved in a number of key sources, which can be unlimited or useful. Unlimited objective sources are those that can be achieved in a short time, rather than in non-useful basic sources. The use of sustainable water sources is less polluting and comes from unlimited sources. In particular, the increasing use of unlimited resources is essentially a major attempt to move away from natural change. 

The pillars of today's goals affect the sense of non-essential commitment to demonstrate the basic principles that must be used, from unlimited sources. There is a certain degree of obstacles that prevent the broad transmission of sensitive energy movements. Anger changes the state of our planet. In any case, most types of impurities in the air have almost the same effect. There are different types of air damage. It is certainly classified in the light of the gravity of air conversion with excitement. Others cause a full drop in temperature by having a temporary cooling flow for two, three days or weeks. Read about something like pollution that affects the world and the air that makes the earth cool. After that, we transport a lot of toxic substances that cause general natural problems: biological change and ozone use. Humanity has been able to influence the situation around the Earth and the Earth itself. 

Over the past 50 years, human activities, especially those fueled by fossil fuels, have unleashed every advance in the expression of carbon dioxide. Incredibly, incubation gases retain extra high temperatures in the case of division. They also affect the overall natural state. In the neighborhood of 2030 and 2050, the brand has changed to an additional 250,000 people reliably, ranging from paralysis, gastrointestinal and neurological confusion to high temperature. The omission of the way global warming can lead to limited central approaches, for example, winter traffic in silent supply is reduced to survival just as the extended administration may have territories, if all else fails, the effects of organic achievement will tend to To be very negative. Natural change has an impact on the social side. The most common determinants are the blooming of fresh air and drinking water, increased strength, and safe coverage. 

The purpose of the joint change is to be completed in the next century, and there will be some threats to this achievement, with the exception of new emerging risks. Carbon dioxide (CO2) can be the primary material that destroys ozone transported by human activities. During 2013, carbon dioxide went to more than 82% of all uranium types so we have to be careful with our new generation. 

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