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Shortage of fresh water in the world and a possible indicator of the way.

Shortage of fresh water in the world and a possible indicator of the way. 

The idea of a watercourse or tube is, as far as possible, a possible indicator of the way of life in a meeting where tables are eliminated. It is a sign of social conditions related to money, care attitude and the environment of its clients. Everything that happens in the watershed area is reflected in the idea of water flow through it, given the fact that the potential consequences of human activity and lifestyle ultimately lead to currents, through floods. The canal basin involves all the earth, from the mountain to the sea edge, which runs with one current and its currents. The strong currents, wetlands, and canals prefer a wonderful pool of aquatic life. 

Rainwater and falling mountain bottoms contain a lot of oxygen. An unusual part of the oxygen starts in the air because of rain, water that falls in rapid currents and photosynthesis. Additional substances are washed in the system, giving essential nitrates to improve (and sources of sustenance from corrupt plants). Subsequently, photosynthesize aquatic plants provide vital oxygen regions and other subsistence living problems for aquatic animals that congregate in an eccentric network of life. 

All life in water depends on the connection between the current and in the foundation basin. These strategies can maintain a healthy membership group or attack normal systems and deteriorate water supplies. Sewage and currents owe their existence to the possibility of ponds and the association between rainfall and dispersion. Streams are open structures where the exchange of materials and basic elements occurs in nature. It is difficult to see currents as natural frameworks, as these are the basic ways to increase cooperation and complement the annexes to breakpoints. 

The natural environment is a neighborhood in which plants, animals, people and their condition interact through different associations, a lake. Changes in water quality occur regularly along the canal, which may be affected by human activities. Agricultural organizations and businesses and urban settlements carry concentrated supplements (wastewater and professional household fertilizers) and destructive. substances (contaminants) that can affect water quality. 

What is water pollution? 

Water quality is described as drinking water, potable and attracts all life on earth. Serious mixtures or radioactive materials should not contain the quality of life. They must be free from diseases that cause living creatures and constant such as disintegration or scaling. Water cannot be avoided because it is unprotected and it is not useful for people and animals to drink or wash. Seawater water is particularly dangerous for watering plants and animals. Seawater water is especially dangerous to people who get their water from the pipe or dam. In South Africa, freshwater quality is reduced due to the spread of pollution and sludge from urbanization, deforestation, canal containment, destruction of wetlands, industry, mining, agriculture, stunts and staining of spontaneous water as the human mass increases, there is an extension of pollution and perforation of watersheds. 

Water pollution and new pain are increasing. 

Most diseases on the planet are linked to water and sanitation. To break the disease cycle, there must be a new design in the water idea that people use. Most natural meetings in South Africa do not deal with running water, latrines or latrines, and used trash and urine pipes. When there are doubts, when they are accessed, latrines are built in the stages where the meeting gathers around the water supply. Pollution of fecal water extends the risk of contamination of various pollution to those who use these courses as a source of vital water. Groundwater, another source of water, can be polluted in water in a dirty water system. Water-related diseases can spread in a variety of ways that also affect urban populations, for example, snacks and low demand. 

Potential harmful chemicals in driving water. 

Occasional contamination of water can occur from many sources (eg blast pipes, tanks, actual openings, fire, oil spills) and can cause uneven damage by volume and threat of poison consistency. Volume and adaptation of the water body. Materials that cause water pollution can be divided into two main social events: bacteria and chemicals. Bacteria are small life forms that cause diseases, for example, desert fever, cholera, billiards, and harmful chemicals, usually transmitted by industries. With the increase in humans, more cooperation is needed for human activities, such as cooking and lighting. Assad's non-essential supply in South Africa begins with coal spending at control stations and produces mainly widespread sprinklers of sulfur oxides and nitrogen in the air. These gases are the driving force behind destructive rains, which have a detrimental effect on the original living space and human prosperity. 

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