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New update I.C.C. 2018, Asia Qualifier, Division 1 and new team.

New update  I.C.C.  2018, Asia Qualifier, Division one and the new team.  

2018, Asia Qualifier, Division 1 and the new team. 

The 2014 Cricket World Cup qualifier is one of the current cricket matches in mid-March 2018 in Zimbabwe. He chose the final skill of the 2019 World Cup, which will be held in England and Grains. The two best matches, non-standard players from West and Afghanistan, match Bell World and join the seven hosts and the seven meetings that have been successfully classified through their C.I.C. O.D.I website. 

Initially, the opposition was due to occur in Bangladesh, but in May 2017, it was stressed that the event would be encouraged elsewhere because Bangladesh has a narrow personal capacity and therefore will not need to share this opposition. Three presentations were developed, one from Zimbabwe, the other from the U.A.E. Center for the Middle East and a joint presentation from Ireland and Scotland. 

In October 2017, the General Chamber of Cricket (ICC) announced that Zimbabwe would receive the event. In January 2018, the ICC insisted on both mechanical assemblies and opposition scenes. At the end of the opposition, the Netherlands (which won the title Cricket World Circle ICC) and the first three groups of parties concerned developed One Day All Inclusive (O.D.I) until 2022. 

After the full organization of the social event, Afghanistan, Ireland and Scotland joined the Eastern Emirates Center, bringing the unusual players from West and Zimbabwe to the Super VI, with the opportunity to have all the qualities necessary for the 2014 World Cricket World. Super 6, qualified for the qualifiers. Scotland and committed together, the United Arab Emirates Center maintained O.D.I. It was until 2022, following the realization of the Super Six. 

Hong Kong, Nepal, and Papua New Guinea competed for the participation of O.D.I. The top spot in qualifying. In the first round of qualifying, Nepal beat Papua New Guinea by 6, Wickets and the Netherlands on Hong Kong with 44 points. Khomeini, with the Netherlands from now guaranteed O.D.I. In the face of full opposition, Nepal has seized O.D.I. I was suddenly demolished with decisive playoff games, lost Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea O.D.I. The state was sent to split two world-class cricket. The list between Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea, in ninth place in qualifying, was the 4000th version of the O.D.I program. Match to play. 

Unusual Western players became necessary to have all the necessary qualities in the 2019 World Cricket Stand, having defeated Scotland with five to continue with the Louis De-worth Super-six style. The competition for the loss of Zimbabwe has caused their final game in the Super Stokes match with the U.A.E., which means they will need a match in Afghanistan and Ireland to join forces to lead them to the World Cup. World Cricket. However, Afghanistan beat Ireland in five Super Six finals, joining non-standard western opposition players and meeting all requirements for the cricket world champion. 

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