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Mountain (Himalaya's) village and atmosphere.

Famous mountain (Himalaya's) village and atmosphere around the highest mountain in the world. 

Famous lake in Nepal 

Pokhara is, in fact, the second largest city in Nepal, but has an atmosphere of the city despite its population of 265,000 inhabitants. It is supposed to be a city because it is almost scattered in a long valley that crosses 12 kilometers from north to south and has a width of about 6 kilometers. It is not difficult to see why Pokhara has seen an increase of 10 overlays as holidaymakers have been in recent years. the area is incredibly beautiful. The area of Lake Pokhara is located along the shores of the beautiful Lake Fewa (Via Tal). This area is well known for travelers, but is very entertaining and offers great prospects on the Anapurna range in the cool morning. Lake Fuwa is the second largest lake in Nepal. There is a way for a bike and bike around the lake or you can hire a small boat or kayak to soak up prospects. In the remote possibility that outdoor values, Pokhara is an unusual place to base yourself. 

The main walk to Anapurna Base Camp, Bonn Slope, and others start in Pokhara. You can rent boats/kayaks at Lake Biwa and there are many places along the lake where you can rent bicycles. Some nearby travel organizations can arrange boat trips in white waters and paragliding. There are two or three views around Pokhara that you just have to handle. For starters, most dynamite, it's Sarangkot. In the midst of a clear climate (most months, except June to early September), we get a general perspective of the Himalayas, including Dhaulagiri, Mashabushir and Annapurna II. view is absolutely incredible. You can arrange a taxi the day before to take it to Sarangkot to see the sunrise. It is also a good place to go in the late afternoon to watch the sunset. The second perspective comes from the Temple of World Peace (Shanti Stupa). Stuba is located on the south slope of Lake Viwa directly. From Stupa, you can also get an incredible perspective from the Annapurna Group. 

Darjeeling is located in the Indian territory of West Bengal, however, it has a common history with Sikkim and Bhutan. Darjeeling tea is famous all over the world. Large tea plantations can be found throughout the Darjeeling area. In the middle of the British Raj period, Darjeeling became a leading retirement resort because of its temperate atmosphere, especially in contrast to the warm fields of southern India. The English Darjeeling made the old fashioned Victorian style, and some of them can be found today in the area. Darjeeling is still a well-known place for Indian and foreign travelers. It is one of the most beloved cities in the Himalayas, due to the limited extension of its magnificent mountain landscape. Kanchenjunga, the third notable shield in the world at 8598 meters. 

Darjeeling is located along the slope at a natural height of about 2050 meters. It has a population of about 135,000. Most of the population is of Nepali origin, but there are also Sherpa, Tibet, Tamang, Lepcha, Gorong and other ethnic groups. English is widely spoken in Darjeeling. In the impressive Kanchenjunga possibilities on a sunny morning, there are many things to see in Darjeeling and the surrounding areas. Himalaya mountaineering organization is very fascinating. The late Tengen Norgay, who first arrived at the Everest Summit with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. Tenzing Norgay oversaw my brain for a long time. The historical center contains many parts of the material used in the first campaigns of the Himalayas (Everest). Outside the complex is the statue of Tenzing Norgay. If you are in ecstasy on Everest, you will not want to miss my hobby. I am more and more surprised every time I go there. I am not a great lover of zoos, but the Himalayan zoo in Darjeeling is very decent. There is a wide range of diverse creatures in the Himalayas, including tigers, snow tigers, wolves, Asian wild bears, red panda, deer, civet and many yaks. It's a wonderful place to go with young people. 

St. Andrew is a charming church that first worked in 1843 (renovated around 1873) and is available to people in general. Buddhist Buddhism is located in Putia Attractive, 1.5 km down the slope of the main Christa Square. It is the most established religious denomination in the Darjeeling region, however, the monastery has moved several times over the past few years. 

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