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Modern technologies nowadays that changing our daily activities and making easier everything.

One thing that was clear to us through individual experience and our work with Think Before You Write is the gap between adolescents and adults on the web. There are many reasons for having this hole, but the reality is that most teens have grown up using innovation and have mastered the place they occupy in every part of their daily lives, while many adults do not. they. Individuals tend to look at this hole from the perspective of adults, however, we young people, we think it is, that we also participate. Anyone who has been contemplated before approaching innovation in his daily life is considered a stranger.

The most established ages have established our society with technological power, but the ages that have been conceived in this millennium are the advanced and progressive local population. While computer-based recovery programs have begun to reverse the advanced indulgence of all spending, these projects may bode well for young people when they step out of the couch to change. the channel. TV. Genius came out of the pot, and innovation changed the way the younger looked at the truth. 

We accept that they see reality as something that happens beyond your computer, tablet, or mobile phone screen, as long as there is a tweak from someone around it. Although it is not difficult to mock the computerized installation of the edge, it will be difficult to ignore soon. Advanced locals are ready to bypass computerized aliens after a short period of time. Our friends on the web were longer than us. They were the ones who showed us what e-mail was and how to use the mouse. In any case, now the tables have changed. We're people who educate people about a lot of things about the web and social networks that are web-based. 

Our father is the person we use to have problems with our computer, but he comes to us if he needs to change his personal picture on Facebook. We are very knowledgeable about using the internet which seems to be relatively ordinary and often forget that this is definitely not the case. As we age, we tend to discover more on the web than we discover our friends and our old ages. However, we take countless different things from adults every day of our lives and must have the opportunity to win with us too. Adolescents, with our mechanically evolving information, can only be a general population to show. 

We have not only seen evidence of this hole from our employees, but also from different adults we worked with in Think by You Compose. Last weekend last weekend, we were pleased to talk at the advanced family summit in Baltimore. It was an incredible knowledge and incredible development for Think Before You Compose. We can interview adults, teenagers and tweets amplify them on their computerized citizenship. One thing to note is that even adult experts and powerful bloggers use the web in a unique way, unlike young people. In fact, these specialists are often on the ball and ready to try new things, but they usually do so in a unique way, unlike young people. 

These are the destinations and tools they have, as well as the general cause of their web presence in all cases. Many of the sites and applications we use are equipped for our age. Most adults do not have enough energy or want to know anything about these things, which is why they do not advertise them. When we talk to our people and our elders, one of the things we have learned is that they are often unaware of or do not know about specific sites and applications that teenagers like to use. 

We recognize that this lack of understanding focuses on both teachers and teachers. How can they protect us if they do not know what we are running? Clearly, there is no clean, systematic answer to this problem, but we recognize that both sides can have a dynamic role in connecting the intergenerational hole. It was possible to contact the meetings using innovation. They could easily find missing phone numbers, notify the host or send private messages asking for compensation. Emergency obstetric care. 

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