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Best destination to visit in south Asia mountain, forest and wild animal.

Most trips in the Himalayas tend to be completely independent. Best destination to visit in south Asia mountain, forest and wild animal. 

Nepal has a topography on the highest mountain in the world, the best sub-tropical forest and ecstasy communities. Drive to discover the rich and wildlife of Nepal as we explore bears, leopards, wild boars, rhinoceros and Bengal tigers covered by experts roaming the wild swamps. At this point, he went to the Kingdom of Bhutan to investigate one of the world's least known wealth, where personal satisfaction is estimated in terms of overall national happiness, not just material measures. So far, the "legendary thunderbolt" has remained an impressive separation, committed to protecting its deep Buddhist traditions and pure scenes. An adventure between ancient monasteries, Himalayan peaks, frozen canals and quiet towns reveals the special magnificence of the nation. 

Himalayas wild mountain leopard 

Himalayas leopard Data on the best participation of trekking in the Himalayas 

Most trips in the Himalayas tend to be completely independent: you will invest most of your energy in research fairs and religious communities, or you will join a stressful journey between high camps. Should not we say something about the explorer's interest in both nature and culture, who appreciates reality and also recognizes common luxuries? Maybe make your experience perfect 

One type of sorting schedule 

Our calendar strengthens two nations and presents an irregular mix of nature and culture of the Himalayas from time to time, together as we do here. You will be looking for local wildlife, very rare rhinoceros ... You will experience the heritage of Buddhism and Hinduism to all nations that have been connected to the rich destinies of Genesis and religion.

He was registered for four days after normal life in Marsh Wilderness, Nepal

Nepal is famous for its Himalayan treasures, but its wild swamps, called marshes, are the place where natural life is inexhaustible. We stayed in a secluded hut of extravagance in an ideal world organized near the Chit-Wan National Station, the invincible main line of Nepal. Our area near the entertainment center is where the creature looks best, and the hotel enjoys great views of the unique rhinoceros and alligators and crocodiles. We can also see wild elephants, leopards, laziness, wild boars, crocodiles, mysterious deer, and monkeys, and if we are very lucky, the Bengali tiger is a glacier. 

Visit the custody of the wild creature of  Thimphu. 

While the spectacular mountainous and rich heritage of Buddhist culture is one of Bhutan's most important tourist attractions for the explorer, visiting this wildlife is an extraordinary feature. The shot, the meaty jam and the diet that has been identified with the muskox, are the national creature of butane, and we will probably appreciate that we stop smoking for their day here, where we can also note the dark and dumb deer. 

Enjoy a wonderful observation of the winged creature. 

Despite the diversity of warm-blooded animals we see most likely, there are a large number of winged species - more than 500 in the area of our cabin - and we are likely to see bonuses in Bhutan as well. In fact, even responsible bird watchers will appreciate the components of birds in this natural experience. Bring your interview 

A varied table with modified exercises 

This exotic journey includes training: invincible living units guided walks in nature and rowing trips in the natural areas we visited, as well as social gatherings in peaceful urban communities and religious communities in Kathmandu. From Bhutan. In case you are a traveler type who finds everything interesting, this tour is for you! 

The Pioneer campaign is very supervised and ready. 

As we realize that nature and real social gatherings delight in small meetings, this trip is suitable for about 10 visitors. Our small size for meetings ensures the experiences of private life and personal cooperation with the general population we meet. At this site, we have established a global reputation for the best advisors in the world, because we know that the guides are the way to make a truly amazing promenade. 

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