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The mega construction project in The Kathmandu. Ring road construction.

The mega construction project in The Kathmandu. Ring road construction. 

Delegate at Office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City's shared that before the number seismic tremor, an assertion of 29 story tower was made, however, later the decision must be pulled back after the cataclysm. As the advancement association imparted reservation over it, it put aside time for the Metropolitan City to actuate the association. Subsequently, the number of stories must be confined at 23. another advanced project is Kalanki underpass project. Doubtlessly tailing one and a half years, the advancement of the 800 meters. 

Although the opening of the Kalanki Tunnel facilitate the movement of vehicles for a few days, the advocates have reported closing it for at least a week this morning,  Authorities have asked us to stop the movement of vehicles through the Kalanki Tunnel, noting that some construction has not yet been completed, adding that the area has seen Kalanki traffic congestion this morning. Tunnel 800 meters Kalanki stretch between casinos and Bafal Chok Bazaar is open for vehicular traffic on Thursday in style.

As Kalanki is the area with increased traffic congestion in the Kathmandu Valley, with more than 8,000 vehicles passing through the area every day,  stressed the need to resume the Kalanki Tunnel operation as soon as possible. The Kalanki Tunnel, built with a grant of about the Chinese project, is part of a project to improve the bypass of Koteshwor-Balkhupul-Kalanki. underpass tunnel has been opened. 

Construction of a tunnel to four lanes in Kalanki began in 2013. Although the project was expected to be completed in 2016, its progress was hampered by earthquakes in 2015 and supply constraints after the southern boundary.

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