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Learn about the Best and fast Smartphone knowledge for daily work.

Learn about the Best and fast Smartphone knowledge for daily work. 

Are you buying a new phone? Great! You can finally buy this device that you always wanted. But how do you navigate in terms such as binary, quad-core, ram, mAh and megapixels? What distinguishes the operating system from the other? After reading this introduction, you will have answers to help you choose the right phone for you. Operator System. Do not get me wrong, it's an operating system that puts "smart" on your smartphone, so before you buy, it's always a good idea to learn about the various existing ecosystems ...The Android operating system is integrated with Google's original services, such as Search, Gmail, Maps, Hangouts, YouTube, and so on. In addition, you have access to more than one million apps in the Play Store. 

The best part? The titles that iOS and Windows Phone can sometimes pay are available for free here. Another advantage of an Android device is that this plug-and-play. You can simply plug it into your computer through the USB cable to start transferring files to and from your device without any problem. In addition, you can choose from phones that cost less than 4000 for those that sell more than 50K by suppliers such as HTC, LG, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and even local players like Carbon, Lava, Micromax, Spice. And Shulu. Just remember, Android releases installed VAPITEC, the latest in the market are Jelly Bean and Kate Cat. Be sure to put your money in one or the other. 

Windows iPhone trying to catch up with the Android and iOS, and on the latest number, the store only has more than two LAHK addresses. However, the most popular applications have already reached this platform. In addition, Web phones in India come mainly from Nokia, and even if the operating system needs to be improved, you get a really good material for the price you pay. In addition, these devices include free content subscriptions, such as music and movies (depending on the model you buy), Maps and Drive + which may be the best map and navigation services in the world. the countries. When purchasing, you will hear about dual-core, quad-core, and even octa-core processors. But, what should you put your money? Devices such as Nokia Lumia are using the Qualcomm S4 dual-core mid-range chipset that is also found in phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro and Sony Xperia M. 

The iPhone uses the old dual-core A6 processor (not to mention it should not be confused with the bark of the bark). On medium-low price airlines, you'll find dual-core Intel Atom chips, Mattek MT6589 Quad core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 and dual-core 400. Show The best way to judge the smartphone screen is to look at it from different angles to see the color changes, also in different lighting conditions of the vision. Invest in a full HD (1080p) screen if you buy fable. On the other hand, HD screens (720p) work well for devices less than five inches. On small devices, load a web page to see if the text is clear and can be read without any restrictions on your eyes. In any case, avoid smartphones with a resolution lower than the VGA (800x480px). Amold screens are best when it comes to showing eye-catching colors. LCD monitors with IPS technology nearby, while LED TFT screens should be avoided if you can. 

It's simple and clear: more RAM is always better Storage space. We transfer our world - emails, social networks, photos, videos, music - with us on our smartphones, so when you buy, always make a budget for a phone that has enough storage space. In general, if the phone indicates that it has a capacity of 8 GB, only about 6.5 GB will be available to the user. So, if you need 4 GB, buy your phone from 8 to 16 GB. More than megapixels and HD video recording capabilities provide images and videos that take up more space. Also, if you're planning to watch the full HD video on your phone, make sure you have at least 32GB of storage. 

If possible, choose a model that supports microSD cards up to 64 GB so you can always add memory when you need it. Camera. The 5-megapixel camera is capable of printing 8x6 inches, even at 300 dpi (dots per inch), a standard resolution used in professional printing. So, if you are looking for a good phone camera, take the idea that more megapixels will provide better images. 

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