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Now days technology has played a major role in the development of agribusiness.

Agricultural technology has become a real business,
Agricultural technology has become a real business,
Nowadays technology has played a major role in the development of agribusiness. 

Technology has played a major role in the development of agribusiness. Today, crops can be grown in the desert using agricultural biotechnology. With this technology, plants have been designed to survive in drought conditions. Genetic researchers have been able to introduce traits into existing genes to make crops resistant to drought and parasites. Let us take a good example. Bacteria, known as bacillus thorniness, serve as a reservoir, allowing crops to resist insects so that these genetically modified crops will develop without parasite interference. The invention of this technology is used in developing countries to grow commercial crops such as cotton, where genetically modified cotton plants are resistant to parasites and grow better than normal cotton plants, which gives good results.In my previous article, "Using Technology Today and Tomorrow," the use of mobile applications by farmers was reported to calculate the amount of grass available in this area. This allows farmers to save time and money and know how much remains and how to feed their animals. 

Agricultural technology has become a real business, and now farmers are electrified every process, the consumer can put the system directly on the Internet, the product will be transferred from the farm to the consumer while being new. This saves money for farmers and cuts intermediaries who tend to buy small quantities of farmers and sell high-end consumers. Every farmer uses this technology in his own way. Some use it to create fertilizer, others use it to market their products, while others use it in production. So, as a farmer, you have to determine what you need. The following is a summary of the use of technology in agriculture: Plowing animals I replace tractors. Use of machines on farms. Now farms can be grown on more than 2 acres of land with less labor and can reduce costs more when they look for used tractors and other harvesting techniques rather than new equipment. 

The use of farmers and fishermen makes the process very easy. In agriculture, time and production are very important. You must cultivate on time, harvest in a timely manner and deliver to the stores on time. Modern agricultural technology allows a small number of people to grow large amounts of food and fiber in the shortest possible time. Modern transport: This makes it possible to make the products available in the markets in a timely manner from the farm. With modern transport, consumers in Dubai consume fresh carrots from Africa the same day that carrot is a garden living in Africa. Modern transportation technology facilities help farmers to easily transfer fertilizers or other agricultural products to their farms and accelerate the supply of farm products from farms to markets that consumers receive on a daily basis. Refrigeration plants: These farmers are used to buying tomatoes and other perishable foodstuffs to keep their costs while being transported to the market. These refrigeration systems are installed in food transport trucks so that the tomato crops remain fresh upon delivery. 

This is a win-win situation for both consumers of these agricultural products and for farmers. What? Consumers get this fresh produce and grow and sell all their products because demand will be high. Genetically produced plants, such as potatoes, can withstand diseases and pests, which reward farms with good yields and save them time. These crops grow very quickly and produce healthy yields. As these diseases are resistant to most diseases and pests, farmers will spend less money on pesticides, thus increasing their return on investment. Development of animal feed. This has solved the problem of grass hunting for animal feed, and now this food can be made and consumed by animals. 

The price of this food is only for the low-income farmer to afford. Most animal feed manufacturers have the additional nutrition that improves animal health.

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