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How many stars are in the universe? Can we and our device count it?

Even looking at the night sky is enough for the difficulty of amateur enthusiasts watching the stars calculate the amount at a glance that the AR stars are visible. With large telescopes, many stars appear, creating an investigation cannot be attributed to the amount of time you want it to take. And have astronomers deciphered the number of G stars in the universe? The first half difficult to try to determine what the "universe" suggests, said David Heinrich, associate professor at the Ithaca School in the Great Apple State. He was the founding father of Ask the Astronomer Assistant at Cornell University.

How many stars are in the universe? Can we and our device count it?
How many stars are in the universe? Can we and our device count it?
Do not know it [answer] Because I do not know if the universe is immensely massive or do not understand it," he said. The observed universe seems to go back in time to thirteen.8 compared to a trillion years, but on the other side what we tend to see may be much, much more. Some connected astronomers believe that we may be inclined to ascend to the "multiverse universe" where there are different universes, such as bears contained in a variety of a larger entity. The simplest answer is to estimate the number of stars in a typical galaxy, multiplying by calculation a variety of galaxies in the Universe. But even this is difficult, and the brightness of some galaxies in some highly visible and infrared gold, for example. There are obstacles and this estimate has combinations to overcome.

In October 2016, a science-based editorial (based on images from the Deep Field Telescope of Astronomical Home Physics) that there is a GS compared to two billion galaxies in the universe marked, gilded and be compared to ten times many recommended galaxies previously. In the email associated with live science, author Christopher Konsaleche has a leading academic uranology at the University of Nottingham in the UK, he will be listed among the 100 million star galaxies on average. However, telescopes may not be ready to read to all celebrities during the galaxy. The year 2008 is estimated by the Sloan Digital Survey of the Sky (five catalogs of all the notable objects of a third of the sky) found for 48 million stars, almost half of what astronomers hoped to imagine. A star like our sun can appear, there is not even a catalog of this type. Therefore, several astronomers have estimated that the number of galaxy stars is compatible with information and communication across the mass, implying particular difficulties because it is associated is to leave before the Establishment of an estimate of the rotation of the Galaxy.

Missions such as the Gaea rocket mission, the home agent that led Lance in 2013, can provide additional responses. Gaea pointed to the map with respect to billions of DAN EL stars completely galactic. It depends on the previous mission of Hip-parch that put exactly one hundred thousand stars and united a certain million stars for a smaller precision."Gaia can monitor all information and communication technology with one billion stars with seventy times the amount of five years, drawing exactly those positions, distances, movements and brightness exchanges," E.S.A. is mentioned as "Technology of information and communication on the Internet. "Side by side, the thesis of measurements can build an unparalleled associated image of the structure and evolution of our galaxy due to functions like this, we tend to a little more to provide a much is quite an estimate reliable that will be issued in response to a question, and so often. "How many stars are there in the world?"

The visible universe Even if we tend to minimize the definition of the "remarkable" universe, which we see, we estimate the number of stars that need to know between them, just huge in the universe. The basic multipliers are not the same universe and increase, so the second complication is that the repository is sinusoidal. Let's take an example of the easy and light objects of the extremes on the fact that the country of North America thirteen.8 take you about a billion light years to visit Earth and study Ky u not terribly small things will be wrapped because a slight weight cannot afford in the early Universe. Therefore, the observed ray of the universe must be thirteen billion light years ago and has long been only for success in the American state. Or should it? "This is a logical result to be determined, but without a relative distance of olefins," Koranic said. A Related Are you using a tool like the stick meter,

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