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The forest and mountain there are different kinds of medicinal plants.

Medicinal plants in Nepal, India and the himalayas
Medicinal plants in Nepal, India and the Himalayas
The forest and mountain there are different kinds of medicinal plants and herbs which can be used for herbal treatment. 

Big and small plants Growth is generally found in low forests and tropical highlands. It occurs and grows plants naturally in South and Southeast Asia, from the Himalayan big and small hills (Nepal), northern India and southern China, through Myanmar, most species seedlings grow in sunny and rainy conditions, but large adult plants sometimes become emerging in the hill and can carry light Full. They grow naturally. 

They provide water as an important source of livelihood for local management communities that harvest the fragrant plants and organic medicine for sale on the market. Few members are known about the production of plants include the Himalaya red, yellow, purple, green and other flowers. However, it is still clear what kind of these herbal plants are producing and people are demanding huge quantities. In the summer, large rivers often collapse, and huge water is overtaken by heavy rains. 

The flood caused significant loss of life and property in the Big river hearing is the rain in the natural process. On a sunny day in Kathmandu on the street, it creates heat in the city for rain. On the other hand, Cold in the nearest hill. there are certain advantages for farmers who participate in farms. Today's world is full of water and a large variety of green plants attract our eyes. Even in the field of people work hard to grow their food. 

Our natural strength is our goal to work hard. It is good for local food and herbal medicine business. Villagers who reside in the high hill area were taking a flower out of the food and money through the sale. Because they love their work and their duties they have only one desire in their lives. At present, it is very difficult to grow business because people are very intelligent they want to grow more money to manage their lives. 

We help people on the train to get money for their child. Kathmandu Nepal is a landlocked country filled with mountains, hills, and natural mountain rivers. It is located on the north side of India and the southern side of China. We can get many advantages from our mountains. Many species of wild animals and birds are found in nearby Kathmandu. Forests and mountains hide different types of medicinal herbs that can be used to treat herbs. Green and black forests are tourist attractions for tourists. 

The tourism industry can flourish because of the forest if we succeed in making it beautiful then it can be a good source of gain in the development of excursions. Himalayan medicine is an ancient medical system based on Hindu culture and medicine. It is an integral part of Nepal culture and has been developed by nature and body for many centuries. It is a complete system of herbal medicines. Nepalese Herbal Medicines is an organic plant and flower. 

Hill adheres to the highest organization view to maintain and strengthen this ancient form of medicine which is the beautiful part of Nepali culture in the remote valley. Himalayan is famous and exporter of many kinds of medicinal plants used in the famous of herbal medicines. Communities here rely directly on forests and mountains for food, water, and medicine, as well as a place to pray, collect firewood and make money. 

The flower of weeds has become deforestation and wild plants are at risk of people being harvested. Establish fair trade law, ensure sustainable collection of herbs and promote good value in business partnerships. Many people are working as a good center for collecting and selling the herbal medicine industry that demands high price demands, which will be good for the villagers, the health of the Himalayas, and their strength. A healthy environment requires a healthy community to take care of it. 

Our goal is to inform people of the Himalayan medical clinic and herbal pharmacy to provide greater Himalayan people access to traditional medicine and develop conservation awareness that will support the environment and livelihoods of the Himalayan people.

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