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Lack of fresh atmosphere, better health, and nice education in our society.

My Best article for lack of fresh atmosphere, better health, and nice education in our society. 

I would like to Say something about Himalaya, Mountain, hills, Forest, River, and Our city. Kathmandu is a natural paradise is about Tow thousand ninety-five meters above The sea level water-resource is the use of water of the economic development of a person or a country wild-life plays a great role to balance the natural environment around hillside of Kathmandu. Hillside is just 15 kilometer from Kathmandu and is only a 30-40 minute taxi ride from there. People also travel there to pray to God and to see the Hindu temple. A child is also like to play there because we can so many flowers in the park. The population of the world is soaring and growing. To cut down the trees means to destroy the home of bio-diversity. Hills side rivers have become a focal point of the rafting and fishing lovers. I Want to say something about beauty and natural resources in Nepal. 

There are different types of natural calamities because of different natural objects or resources with the different land structures. We fell fresh and release landslides and flood can be controlled by planting trees and controlling human activities and population. A forest is a land area that is covered with grass and trees. A tourist is a person who is travel for pleasure at the moment and visiting a place for sightseeing or doing something Kathmandu, Mustang, The Mount Everest, Dhaulagiri, Lake, River rafting and other hill regions can be the first destination for the tourist. For the bright future of Nepal, there should be less number of people for quality life so that the total population could be the total manpower of country if Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world and Asia in natural water resources. I am happy to happy to share my feelings with you and I am very happy to make a speech at a tourist destination. 

Traveling is everything to enjoy. Here is the only way to overcome these our problems is to control the population. We have to learn about the atmosphere. the loss in the natural quality of Oxygen, Water, Air and Soil is pollution. There are different kinds of pollution. The major once are Forest, River, Air, Soil, Noise, Heat and Farm pollution. Tourism has become a famous industry throughout the world. A large number of tourist are visiting hear. There are so many advantages to our life in this modern era we can get several training for the courses, but why not a wild dog? Wild dog, Leopard, Wild boar, Dear, Wild sheep, and monkey are around the hillside. 

We have to care about wildlife and natural resources. What are the factors to make our people be so poor and hopeless? People must recognize what is good and what is bad for our country. On the other hand, the shortage of money is due to the lack of nice management. Himalaya and Nepal lie between to giant countries. China to the north and India to the south. The climate is on the earth is also gradually changing. In present days the earth's temperature is warming up due to pollution which is known as Global warming to reduce global warming we have to share forest. The human being is the product of the global warming. 

Pollution which is, in fact, physical, chemical and biological change in natural objects is much harmful to the livings being finally, to lessen the loss of the calamities, population and the forest is one of the sources of water. So we must know our weakness before we try to explore the others. I would like to say please let's try to find out the positive qualities of a person, not the negatives ones. 

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