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Talking about our health and education. our people are 80% healthy and 75% educated.

Modern Technology is important for information, health, and air pollution 

Talking about our health and education. our people are 80% healthy and 75% educated. I am glad to make a few words as a participant. I am very much proud of being a contestant. I am saying for the motion that is our health and better food. I think our health is everyone thinks if we don't have good health then we won't survive. I am here to share my feelings with you. Nowadays everybody wants's to be healthy but they are not caring about food, water, and exercise. The most paralyzed thinks are the person who has to prepare for the health. 

Many events or incidents happen in the journey of life. Plants play a great role to balance the natural environments. We can not imagine our life Without animals and plants. A person who gets up early in the morning at dawn or before the sunrise is sure to get something in life. I mean early to bed and early to rise makes man Healthy, Wealthy, Fresh and Wise. It is obvious that a man needs to help a woman in every step of his life. I agree with it. There is a saying behind the success of every man there are a good health and a woman. I am sure for that money is something but good health is everything. Good health is the success of life. 

A person between 13 to 19 called a teenager and a smoke is such a substance that can damage our normal lungs and hearts. There are so many teenagers taking risks. Now days so many people are doing bad habit. It is bad for people and their own life. Health organization is doing many things for child and women. New days is rampant in our world. It is evident from the report of the transparency international an international non-governmental organization. The world has been facing drinking water scarcity for years. People are not getting clean drinking water so we have to do some think about it. 

The world health organization is planning to keep healthy. British can be a good doctor because they are friendly and helpful. There are so many news that people are getting into sorrow. The people are crying for better health. Lack of money, food, water, fruit and education they are getting unhealthy. There are so many hospitals, clinic, and pharmacy in this world. We can get better treatment and medicine from the hospital. It is our duty to save The Hospital, Clinic, and Pharmacy for people. 

We can not imagine our life without eyes. We need eyes to view our experience and happiness so we must be away from harmful chemicals. Everyone should realize the effects of importing other's chemical for better health. Chemical growth has brought a number of problems on the planet. The increasing harmful chemical is the top causes of the health degradation, fatal diseases, Eco-system effect and diminishing natural resources. 

We need healthy food, clean water and fresh atmosphere for healthy living. For the bright future and healthy life, we have to grow organic farm for fresh and clean vegetables. The population is growing now day by day. The population of the world grows by 250,000 every day. About 95 million new babies are born every year. Parents have to care about a balanced diet for the new babies. The food must be right for their health. 

Eating too many causes over malnutrition and eating fewer causes under malnutrition so hygienic or balanced diet is needed for mental and physical fitness. We have to check our health sometime because many people are suffering from so many diseases. 

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